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Big Reasons to Switch to Vaping in 2018


Better for the lungs

Though there is an argument to be made that vaping hasn’t been around long enough to ensure absolute safety, what is known is that smoke in your lungs is a bad thing. From tobacco, pollution, and plain old wood fires, smoke inhalation can lead to damaging consequences.

Vaping avoids the smoke and its damaging side effects.


Get Relief Faster

Getting into a potent edible can send a person to the moon. It’s known to be stronger and longer lasting than smoking or vaping weed, but for some people edibles just don’t do it for them.

Consuming edibles means a slower absorption rate and the effects take a while to become apparent. With this in mind, many opt to just smoke or vape.

When it comes to smoking vaping though, a lot of the weed is lost in the combustion. The dosage is more controllable when vaped. Since nothing is being burnt much less is lost. This means the desired dosage is easier to reach and the effects hit faster as well.



Avoids Risky Toxins

It’s pretty much accepted that smoking marijuana is safer than smoking tobacco, but “safer” in this case doesn’t mean it’s all good. The smoke from burning marijuana has the potential to create many of the same toxins linked to cancer as smoking tobacco.

When weed is vaped, nothing is burnt. There is no combustion. The heats from vapes evaporate the active parts of the marijuana giving you a high without the smoke. Toxins are avoided altogether because they are not created at all when the weed is vaped instead of smoked.



Vaping Tastes Better

Totally subjective, but many swear by vapes as it gives a fuller flavor than smoking weed. More of the intricacies of different strains from sativa/indica hybrids to pure and potent sativa and indica can be tasted when vaping instead of smoke inhalation.

The taste can also be customized for your experience. If you’re looking for a more pop in and sit back experience, consider our proud vape pen, the Delta Vape 2.0 and our wide assortment of vape cartridges. Aside from just naturals flavors such as OG Kush and Jack Herer At Delta9 we’ve created flavored Indica blends such as Grape Ape and Monkey Berry as well as flavored Sativa like Strawberry AK. We also provide a CBD option as well.

All of these Vape pen cartridges are dosed 1000mg vol. by weight and ready to be easily placed into our Delta Vape 2.0 for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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