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California's first public elected official to use cannabis in the public eye


Going from the back alley of your local gas station to the public limelight, cannabis has come a long way in the past few years. As the medical use of cannabis took the country by storm it paved the way for legal recreational use in California.


Now we sit in a small and intimate venue called The 11:11. Where Reggie Jones-Sawyer took the stage in the hopes to chip away at the cannabis stigma. How is he going to accomplish this? By being the first publicly elected official to try cannabis in the public eye with an army of photographers capturing his every move. And what was his choice of cannabis consumption? No other than the Delta9 2.0 Vape Pen with 5:1 CBD cartridge.


Before taking this step he told stories on how he helped a cancer patient go to a cannabis dispensary and to his surprise it was a pleasant experience. He mentioned how it helped his friend live a much better quality of life. Although he knew cannabis was helping people live better lives he was still fearful of being associated with cannabis due to the age old stigma based on faulty science still reigns in the hearts of most Americans. This led to him being a  part of a group that led the prop 64 movement that brought in the medical marijuana laws and regulations.

Thanks to their efforts this pioneered the reforms and cannabis laws that we enjoy today. There is still a long road ahead but progress is being done daily. One important point that Assembly member Reggie Jones Sawyer made is that they are working closely with authorities to crack down on the illegal cannabis industry in order to help the legal cannabis industry thrive!

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During this time Mr. Sawyer was joined on stage by Grammy and Oscar award winner Melissa Etheridge. Together they shared stories of their journey with cannabis and how it helped them and others take back their lives. During this discussion we discovered that Mr. Sawyer hasn’t touched cannabis since 1979 and today will not only be the first time him (a public official) will consume cannabis in public but his first time trying cannabis in 39 years!


After a short educational tutorial from Melissa and Delta9’s owner Mark Adams, Mr Sawyer took the stage and followed Melissa’s steps with a full puff from Delta 9s Vape pen. After which the crowd applauded and cheered Mr.Sawyer for taking one more step to de-stigmatizing cannabis. When the applause subsided, Melissa Etheridge picked up her guitar and performed her rendition of “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers.


 “Good Medicine Isn’t it?” -Melissa Etheridge after her performance


Thank you assembly member Reggie Jones Sawyer and Melissa Etheridge for your efforts towards legalizing our favorite plant!

Mark Adams