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To Vape or Not to Vape? That is the Question!


Every day, the negative stigma against marijuana smoking is declining. With the legalization of recreational marijuana happening across the country, vaping has become an acceptable and easy way to get high without the trouble of glass. Because of this, it’s important to know the options available, so you don’t get lost in the weeds. Here’s what you need to know:

How it works:

  • Vaping is the heating of cannabis without burning. The heat releases active ingredients into the vapor, which is then released as a fine mist. Vaporizers range from cheap to expensive, with plastic, metal or glass cartridges.

Is it safe?

  • Vaping reduces harmful effects of smoking. Smoking is associated with an increase in the risk of bronchitis, and emphysema. There’s also an association between smoking and the inhalation of carcinogens.  Vaping reduces the risk of these respiratory symptoms, and offers a more discreet way to get high.

  • A study done in 2014 suggests that 100 subjects found vaporizing to have better taste and smell, and nearly all participants planned to continue vaporizer use after the study was over.

How can I get one?

  • Rated “1st Place for best Vaporizer” by High Times, Delta9 is the best option for luxurious vapes with perfect design. The advanced technology allows for easy vaping and quality assurance.

Vaping is an innovative way to get the effect of marijuana without the hassle. Try many different strains and edibles to find your perfect bliss!

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