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The future of cannabis is vaping, and Delta9 is dedicated to bringing the most advanced technology to all our products. Vaping is proven to be lighter on the lungs since instead of combustion these pens are heated via a convection oven. 


Using convection heating not only is better for your lung health but, additionally, it preserves the natural flavors of the plant. Whenever you take a hit from a bowl, your cannabis picks up trace flavors of butane from whatever lighter you are using. These flavors are minor, but the consumption of butane can lead to larger health issues down the road. 


Many people may confuse THC Vape pens as e-cigs. These two devices function similarly, but the difference lies in the contents of the oil. Many e-cigs have harmful chemicals added into their mixture to keep oil at a specific consistency, these chemicals if they come in contact with skin will cause irritation.


Our designers have worked tirelessly to create the best vape cartridge to give you the smoothest vaping experience with the highest quality concentrates. At Delta9, we take it one step further. We do extensive lab testing to ensure our products never contain Propylene Glycol (butane) or harmful pesticides or additives.

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Our vape pen refills and vaporizer batteries are lightweight, easy to change, and always convenient. If you don't trust us, trust High Times, who rated us "1st Place for best Vaporizer" . These are the best vape cartridges for sale, and we 100% guarantee your satisfaction. 



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